This is the last guy that messed up my petunias. 

#Castiel has a lot of pride in his garden #if you mow down the edges of his flower paths #he’ll smite your ass #all the way back #to lawncare hell #Dont fucking touch my stepping stones you inept baffoon #How dare you spread that subpar fertilizer on my lawn #THIS IS KENTUCKY BLUEGRASS. #I’M GOING TO STAND RIGHT HERE #AND WATCH YOU #AND JUDGE YOUR CLIPPER CHOICES. #CHOSE WISELY HUMAN.

Sam and Dean + space

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“You have fallen in every way imaginable.”

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AU: Castiel as the Doctor (inspired by this)

I’m done this is epic


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X maybe I should just let go

screencap meme - supernatural; tickle my pickle

i can’t possibly fix it, so why did i even walk out of that river?