if you don’t live in brazil you shouldn’t


me: saves money for almost two years

me: still doesn’t have money to visit the most important person in your life and tell her  everything you wrote in over 100 letters that couldn’t send 

me: life’s gr8

me: yay

im feeling terrible and miserable <3

today i had a terryfing experience

there’s this gas station right next to the studio i go to and the street lamp in front of it was on fire and i thought i was going to die

i’m super super super scared of fire

and the fireman took ages to get there

and also the gas station dude was an idiot and literally threw WATER on the street lamp wtf


tbh if baz luhrmann had a tumblr he’d be on that fucked up part of the fandom 

if you think you’re better than someone just because you can do more turns than them and you laugh at them just because you see yourself as the greatest dancer since anna pavlova, i really hope you have a miserable life. 

sometimes i just want to punch people in the face bc they’re so ignorant and can’t see things the way they really are


Long time, no see!

Hi guys! It’s been a long time since I don’t show up here so hello! I’ve missed using Tumblr and other social networks but, at the same time, I’ve been more focused on my dance classes and school and I feel better spending more time doing stuff outside of the computer. 

I probably won’t be here like I used to be until mid-June or something. :| Going to make a queue this time though, haha.



sorry i haven’t been here in a while! i’m busy with school, ballet, jazz, tap, ecpe prep classes and i also have to study hard this year. ): this blog will be on a semi hiatus, sorry… i’ll still go on my instagram (@kazlovesmatt) and my facebook (message me and i’ll send it to you). i will miss you all! ):